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Wrapping Equipment

Tomato Cluster Mesh Bag
Red 3 strand mesh bag that is 15" long. Used to package cluster harvested tomatoes. There are 1,000 bags per box, bundled in lots of 250 bags on a wire rack.  Each bag tears off the wire rack individually for easy use. Use taper machine (5E182) to close bags.

Item # Quantity Weight Price

250 2# $27.50
1,000 7# $91.95
5,000 35# $444.75

tapermachine.jpg (17292 bytes)

Taper Machine for Tomato Cluster Mesh Bag
Easy to use. Twist mouth of bag shut & slide through slot. 3/8" wide throat Tape (item 5E183) sold separately in a 4 roll package. Taper Machine Tape is Red 3/8" tape with 3" core.
Use with mesh bags (5E180 or 5E181).

- Item # Description Quantity Wght Price
5E182 Taper Machine 1 2# $ 25.95
5E183 Taper Machine Rolls Pkg of 4 rolls 1# $ 14.25
5E184 Replacement Blade for Tape 1 1# $ 5.50
5E184B Replacement Blade for Bags 1 1# $ 5.50

This deceptively simple seeder will dramatically reduce the time it takes to drop seed.  It uses any compressed air source you can supply.   It picks up a single seed, including lettuce, and drops it exactly where you want it.  You place your index finger over a small hole in the plastic nozzle holder that creates a vacuum to hold the seed.  Remove your finger, and the seed is released.   It uses a very small amount of air, and comes with 3 needle sizes.  You can purchase an add-on nozzle holder with a fitting, tubing and needles to DOUBLE your seeding capacity.

seeder.jpg (19980 bytes)

- Item # Description Weight Price
7W300 Seeder .8# $49.95
7W310 Add-On Nozzle .3# $19.95

Rechargeable 6V SLA Battery
Long life 6 Volt Sealed Lead-Acid Battery with recharger for tomato pollinator and other uses. Contacts are "F1" Quick Disconnect Tabs.

Use this Battery and Charger with the Ultima Pollinator

Click Here for the MSDS for the Battery

- Item # Description Ship Wght Price
5E828 Charger Only 0.25# $22.95
5E829 Battery Only 2.00# $22.95
5E830 Battery with Charger 2.25# $42.95

recharger.jpg (6716 bytes)


10#Lug.JPG (98533 bytes)
10 # Tomato Box
Our white exterior Cucumber Box has attractive, generic "European Cucumber" print. Holds standard 16 count, 12" cukes. Our white exterior 20# Tomato Box has generic printing for greenhouse tomatoes, and uses a Kraft cardboard divider to separate the two layers of tomatoes (5E176). Our white exterior 10# Tomato Box also has generic printing for greenhouse tomatoes. It holds one layer of tomatoes. All boxes are single piece, die cut and fold up into a box with handles and a fold-over tabbed top that locks into the sides. Boxes are sold in pallet quantities only.

Click on pictures for larger view of print on box.

CukeBox.JPG (84451 bytes)

16 # Box Cuke Box

20#Lug.JPG (76626 bytes)
20 # Tomato Box
New design is here!!!
- Item # Style Price/Quantity
 / Pallet
Wt. L W H
5E174 16# Cuke Box $345.00 / 250 230# 17.25" 13.75" 4.5"
5E175 20# Tomato Box $517.00 / 250 375# 16.13" 14.38" 6.0"
5E178 10# Tomato Box $325.00 / 250 215# 16.25" 13.5" 3.5"
5E176 20# Box Dividers $59.95 / 300 37# 15.25" 12.75" N/A

Carbon Dioxide Generator

60,000 BTU Natural Gas or Propane CO2 generator (5E301) sufficient for greenhouses from 1,000 - 8,000 sq. ft.  Includes pressure generator (5E301) sufficient for greenhouses from 1,000 - 8,000 sq. ft.  Includes pressure gauge, automatic thermocouple protection, and jets for both propane and natural gas.  Tests indicate increases in production on 10% - 25% with increased CO2 levels.
Three timed control packages are available. Model 5E302 utilizes timer model 6E021. Models 5E302 & 5E303 are wired to 24v, 40va transformer with 5E304 wired to a 100va transformer. All three control packages come with an 8' cord, ready to plug into 110v outlet. This item will produce about 1,500 ppm per 50,000 cubic feet of greenhouse volume at one air exchange per hour.

- Part # Description Ship Wght. Price -
5E301 CO2 Generator 18.0# $805.00
5E302 Control Package 3.88# $136.95 for 1-2 Generators
5E303 Control Package 3.88# $207.95
5E304 Control Package 7.40# $257.95 for 1-5 Generators

CO2_Monitor.JPG (73547 bytes) Carbon Dioxide / Temperature Monitor

Equipped with a patented dual beam Absorption Infrared technology, the 7001 is an easy-to-use CO2 and temperature monitor designed for use in residential or commercial applications. With the ability to display CO2 readings in less than 30 seconds, and calculate outside air ventilation rates in cfm/person the monitor is an ideal tool for: identifying energy saving opportunities in over-ventilated spaces, determining if air quality complaints are due to insufficient ventilation, or locating the presence of combustion fumes generated from vehicles and appliances. Includes the added feature of temperature display. The patented, proven absorption infrared sensor requires minimal maintenance. Heat resistant, UL94-V5 rated enclosure and conformally coated electronics that resist moisture and airborne contaminants. CO2View™ software that allows you to log concentrations directly to a PC. For remote monitoring you can get a Datalogging Kit that easily attaches to the back of the 7001.Operates on batteries or power supply. The portable handheld feature allows the flexibility to carry the unit from spot to spot or place to place.
Measures 0-10,000 PPM (Displayed) for CO
Measures 32 - 122o F for Temperature

- Part # Description Ship Wght. Price
5E340 CO2 / Temperature Monitor 5.0# $629.00
5E340K Monitor with Datalogging Kit 6.0# $735.00

Carbon Dioxide Digital Sequencer
Carbon Dioxide Digital Sequencer (CDDS) transforms the CO2 monitor into a powerful and versatile controller. The CDDS-2 provides an easy to use set point controller which enables the user to adjust CO2 level and span. CO2 values are adjustable in 10 PPM increments from 0 to 5000 PPM. The span between CO2 "On and CO2 "Off" (hysteresis) is also adjustable in 10 PPM steps up to 300 PPM differential. The LED changes color to indicate CO2 function status. The CDDS also provides a switchable photo sensor to disable CO2 production during darkness periods.

You must by a Sensor to make the Sequencer Work. You can use either 5E340S or 5E340.

You will need 1 6E020 transformer to use this with 5E301.

CO2_Sequencer.JPG (23496 bytes)

Carbon Dioxide Infrared Sensor
Carbon Dioxide Infrared Sensor. Plugs directly into the 5E340C. Easy to mount. Hangs from a single screw or nail. It is not necessary to remove the cover to wall mount. Single Patchcord one point connection to the controller without the use of an external power supply. Easy single step calibration. no confusing menus to navigate. Dual beam sensor compensates for detector aging.

Measurement Range from 0 - 5000 ppm (0 to 0.5%)

Carbon Dioxide Monitor/Controller System
This carbon dioxide monitor controller 5E340KIT package includes the 5E340S CO2 monitor with LCD display and a 5E340C digital sequencer with event programmer and photo sensor. The monitor samples atmosphere once each second and displays current CO2 values in parts per million (ppm) on it's display screen, while transmitting linear milli-volt signals to the Digital Event Sequencer logic translating circuits. The sequencer then interprets these signals and functions the CO2 equipment outlet according to predetermined values. The built in photo sensor automatically defeats the CO2 equipment outlet during darkness periods.

Click Here for Instruction Manual for CDMC-6

- Part # Description Ship Wght. Price
5E340KIT CO2 Monitor/Controller CDMC System 5.0# $743.95
5E340C CO2 Digital Sequencer 3.0# $529.00
5E340S  CO2 Infrared Sensor 2.0# $405.00

Pruning Bag, Nylon

This lightweight pruning bag is excellent for speeding up the pruning phase of your operation.  This large bag should hold trimmings from an entire row of plants.  Has a large rigid top opening to easily collect suckers, tendrils, small fruit, etc.  The drawstring bottom quickly opens to dump trash into another refuse container.  Padded shoulder straps prevent worker fatigue.  Used extensively in the field.  This nylon bag is washable.

pruningbag.jpg (31386 bytes)  
- Part # Ship Wght. Quantity Price / Ea
5E870 3.0# ea. 1 $24.95
12 $22.95 ea.

Produce Picking and Storage Trays - Large

• Used in the harvesting, storage, and processing of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, asparagus, beans, blueberries, cherries, figs, grapes, mushrooms, and other small to midsize fruits and vegetables.

• Will stack and nest with 180 degree turn
• Containers will nest at a ratio of 2.5:1
• Will nest with 5E902
• Ventilation holes on sides & bottom
• New, improved handles
• Freezer safe
• 100% recyclable

• 23.75 x 15.75 x 7.25 inches (OD)
• 22.75 x14.75 x 7.00 inches (ID)

• 3 lb

Load Capacity
• Up to 33 lb

- Part # Quantity Ship Wght. Price
5E900 - Available in Red only from HGI. 1 - 49 3.00# ea. $12.00 ea.
50 - 149 $11.50 ea.
150 (Pallet Load) $10.75 ea.

Produce Picking and Storage Trays - Small

• Used in the harvesting, storage, and processing of small fruits where the container's design allows the quick transfer of heat.

• Will stack and nest with 180 degree turn
• Containers will nest at a ratio of 3:1
• Will nest with 5E900
• Ventilation holes on sides & bottom
• Wash with Hot Water
• Freezer safe
• 100% recyclable

• 23.75 x 15.75 x 5.00 inches (OD)
• 22.75 x 14.75 x 4.75 inches (ID)

• 2.55 lb

Load Capacity
• Up to 25 lb

- Part # Quantity Ship Wght. Price
5E902 - Available in Blue only from HGI. 1 - 49 3.00# ea. $10.00 ea.
50 - 199 $9.00 ea.
200 (Pallet Load) $8.50 ea.

Polyethylene Utility Box

Rubbermaid Brand utility boxes are packed 12 per carton.   The shallow height helps reduce damage to fruit caused by over filling a picking box.  Boxes fit utility cart pictured below.

- Part # Quantity Ship Wght. Price
5E901 1 - 11 1.9# ea. $17.95 ea.
12 + $16.75 ea.

Utility Cart

Rubbermaid Brand cart holds 2 utility boxes on each shelf.  Carts are 26" wide x 45" long x 33" high.  Heavy Duty 500 Lb Load Capacity. 5 In Caster Size. Structural Foam Polypropylene Construction. Color Gray. Top and bottom shelf are standard.  This wheeled cart is narrow enough to fit between rows of plants.

- Part # Description Ship Wght. Price
5E891 Utility cart, 2 shelf 47# $325.00


All products & prices are subject to change at any time.

8765 Vollmer Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-4710

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