We would like to suggest a few items to go along with a new Hobby Greenhouse. (more...)

Why choose Hydro-Gardens to buy your Hobby Greenhouse?
We are the only distributor of Hobby Greenhouses that offers
all of the equipment for your Greenhouse needs.
We can build a Growing System for you your Greenhouse.
We can also outfit you with the heating and cooling systems.
No other Hobby Greenhouse Distributor offers this complete a package.

There are several different models to choose from.
Click on the links below to see more about that style greenhouse.

Cooling / Ventilation Equipment (more...)

Since 1972, Hydro-Gardens has offered the backyard gardener an easy-to-install growing systems for their small greenhouse. These systems can also be used outdoors during your normal growing season.
Each kit number indicates the number of 5-gallon poly-grow bags and Aqua Turret sprayers supplied. The approximate greenhouse square footage required for a kit (growing system) is twice that of the kit number. (i.e. An HK50 will require about 100 square feet of greenhouse area.) (more...)


Tomato Cluster Mesh Bag
Red 3 strand mesh bag that is 15″ long. Used to package cluster harvested tomatoes. There are 1,000 bags per box, bundled in lots of 250 bags on a wire rack.  Each bag tears off the wire rack individually for easy use. Use taper machine (5E182) to close bags.
Item # Quantity Weight Price

250 2# $22.50
1,000 7# $82.95
5,000 35# $394.75

Taper Machine for Tomato Cluster Mesh Bag
Easy to use. Twist mouth of bag shut & slide through slot. 3/8″ wide throat Tape (item 5E183) sold separately in a 4 roll package. Taper Machine Tape is Red 3/8″ tape with 3″ core.
Use with mesh bags (5E180 or 5E181).
- Item # Description Quantity Wght Price
5E182 Taper Machine 1 2# $ 25.95
5E183 Taper Machine Rolls Pkg of 4 rolls 1# $ 9.95
5E184 Replacement Blade for Tape 1 1# $ 5.50
5E184B Replacement Blade for Bags 1 1# $ 5.50

This deceptively simple seeder will dramatically reduce the time it takes to drop seed.  It uses any compressed air source you can supply.   It picks up a single seed, including lettuce, and drops it exactly where you want it.  You place your index finger over a small hole in the plastic nozzle holder that creates a vacuum to hold the seed.  Remove your finger, and the seed is released.   It uses a very small amount of air, and comes with 3 needle sizes.  You can purchase an add-on nozzle holder with a fitting, tubing and needles to DOUBLE your seeding capacity.
- Item # Description Weight Price
7W300 Seeder .8# $49.95
7W310 Add-On Nozzle .3# $19.95

Rechargeable 6V SLA Battery
Long life 6 Volt Sealed Lead-Acid Battery with recharger for tomato pollinator and other uses. Contacts are “F1″ Quick Disconnect Tabs.Use this Battery and Charger with the Ultima Pollinator (more...)

Kick Stool13″ High X 16″ Diameter at the base, step stool glides easily on retractable, heavy-duty rubber casters. Anti-skid bottom ring firmly grips floor when stool is in use. Rugged ABS construction supports up to 300 lbs. Steps feature slip-resistant rubber tread. Kick it into position, then step up – the casters retract and the anti-skid bottom ring holds you and the stool in place. The long lasting material will not rust, dent, or peel. Reach your tall crops or use it as a seat. (more...)