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CEA Pro Irrigation Controllers
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new-ani.gif (3875 bytes)     Chemilizer Injector

No sliding piston to wear out.
These injectors are designed as a two-part system.
1) The non-electric water motor functions on demand with
water flow. Inside the water motor is a fixed rubber diaphragm
assembly that travels up and down with alternate filling
of the upper and lower chambers.
2) Inserted into the bottom of the water motor is a positive
displacement chemical pump. The chemical pump draws directly
from a stock solution container and injects into the water line.


2 Year warranty on water motor
Ratio: 1 to 100

Chemilizer.jpg (219395 bytes)
- Part # Price Wght. Min/Max Flow Min/Max PSI PSI Loss PVC Size
2W600 $254.95 6 # .166 to 12 GPM 2 to 80 2 3/4"
2W605 $41.95 3# Replacement Silicon Pump
2W610 $14.95 1# Pump Re-Build Kit
2W615 $30.00 1# Side Injection Kit

DOSMATIC Injectors

SuperDos®- 20 Injector Series
Low dilution, high flow chemical injector in the industry
Replaces the Advantage line of injectors. 
Flow Rates 0.04 - 20 gpm / 0,15 l/mn – 340.69 l/mn
Injection Ratios 1:500-1:40 or 0.5%-5.0%

SuperDos20.jpg (21738 bytes)

 Dosmatic SuperDos mid-high flow, fluid (water)-driven proportional injectors offer a low cost alternative to traditional electric technology. Unlike traditional electric pumps, the SuperDos injectors eliminate the need for electricity and can operate in remote areas. Easy to install and maintain making them ideal for mid-high-flow injection applications.

Precise additive injection—

Proportional positive displacement ensures that just the right amount of chemical is injected each and every time, regardless of pressure and flow. An adjustable ratio sleeve allows you to change the percentages— quickly and easily—to meet your injection needs. Chemical costs are reduced because of less waste in the injection process.

Safe and cost effective— 

The non-electric Dosmatic injectors reduce the liability risk concerns associated with traditional electrical pumps. The Dosmatic injectors use a patented one-way gasket. Only the mixing chamber and the lower end are exposed to the chemical. This prolongs the life of the motor, and the innovative mixing chamber design also ensures a thorough and precise mixing of the fluid and injected chemical. Typically, non-electric injectors reduce start-up costs by 30-60% over traditional electric injectors.

Durable body construction and ease of operation—

The body construction has engineered proprietary composite material greater than PVDF, which withstands severe weather, the chemicals used for injection, and higher operating pressures. A built-in On/Off bypass allows you to stop the injection—but not the system, and an optional remote discharge is available for the whole product line.

The SuperDos Injector Series can be used for:
  • Fire fighting and prevention applications, such as fire suppression foaming chemicals.
  • Horticulture treatments, such as dispensing fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, acids, and disinfectants in high flow applications.
  • Metal processing and parts wash treatments by dispensing coolants, oils, solvents, cutting fluids, soaps in high flow applications.
  • Pest control applications by providing the accurate dispensing of chemicals with minimal waste, pesticides, misting systems, panel systems termiticides, spray trucks and vector control.
  • Odor misting control for land fills dumpsters and oils.
  • Specialty applications, such as asphalt treatment, biodecontamination, water jet cleaning, concrete treatment, and timber treatment.
  • Vehicle wash treatments, to accurately dispense soaps, polishes, drying agents, and triple foam.
  • Water treatment applications that inject chemicals into residential and industrial water supplies.
  •  Injecting diesel additives and treatment for diesel fuel

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Click Here Replacement Parts List (PDF Format)

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We Sell parts for the Dosmatics. Please call of email to order. Please have specific part numbers (Manual Ref. and/or Dosmatic Part Number).

- Part # Price Wght. Min/Max Flow Min/Max PSI PSI Loss PVC Size
3W002 $367.50 7.6 # 0.04 - 20 GPM 5 to 100 12 1"
3W003 $55.95 1.0 # Downstream bypass kit. Click Here for Instructions

Typical Dosmatic Injector Plumbing Kit - 1W510 -

Includes check & gate valves, male and female adapters, and PVC T's and L's as shown. PVC pipe supplied locally. Dosmatics not included.

Injector Plum Kit.jpg (83718 bytes)
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Hozon Injector

Attaches between hose and faucet. Suction tube is dropped into bucket of soluble fertilizer. A venturi effect creates the suction which draws in and safely dilutes the fertilizer being applied while you water. Unit has a ratio of 1:16.

5W160 Hozon Injector 1# Ship Wght $25.95

CHEM-FEED Injector

An accurate electrically driven pump which injects the concentrated nutrient into the water line at a rate of 0 to 3 GPH. The dilution ratio is determined by the flow rate and controlled by a flow controller. This is a water volume injector, and each row of plants should have the same number of sprayer or drippers so that the dilute fertilizer solution going to each row is the same concentration. If one row has more sprayers than another, that row will get nutrient solution that is more dilute. The ratio of 1:200 is achieved by setting the eccentric control cam to 3 GPH with a flow controller of 600 GPH (10 GPM).

- Item # Description Wght Price
5W145 Chem-Feed Injector 12 # $295.95
6W443 Dole 10 GPM Regulator .75 # $45.95
Injector Plumbing Kit - CHEM-FEED Injectors
1W502 2 head (Chem-Feed) 2.3# $63.00

1 ea. 5W210 Y Strainer (1")
1 ea. 6W443 Dole 10 GPM regulator
2 ea. 3/4" x 1" Male Adapter (for 6W443)
2 ea. 1" Male Adapter (for 5W210)
2 ea. 1" x 1" x 1/2" PVC Tee (for injector head)

Andersen Ratio Injecters
(Single and Multi Head)

Injector Ratio Gallons per Minute # of Heads
1:284 48 1W534 pilot valve included with heads
- Part # Description Weight Price
1W050 Water Meter (Turbine) 29.0# $596.00
1W250 w/2 1W535 Heads 71.0# $3,035.00
1W350 w/3 1W535 Heads 92.0# $3,559.00
1W450 w/4 1W535 Heads 113.0# $4,170.00
The Ratio : Feeder Fertilizer infector is designed to permit multiple pump heads to be controlled by one control unit (turbine meter). This allows the feeding of greater amounts of nutrient; or, it allows two or more nutrients to be fed at the same time without the bother of pre-mixing. Also, nutrients that are incompatible in concentrated form can be fed individually. Of course, each pump head is fully adjustable independently of any of the others. We have successful installations in the field with 20 pump heads. Any single pump head model can be converted into a multi-head model in the field using additional fittings.
   The turbine water meter requires a J Plus controller to operate. The systems listed above include the controller, water meter, high capacity pumps heads, pilot valve and fittings. Solution tanks and a blending tank are not included. anberson injector.JPG (184067 bytes)

Hi-Capacity Four-Head Injector System
       Item 1W457    $7,492.00     

  This system will support up to 90 gallons per minute output, if your incoming water pressure and volume are adequate. The 1:128 ratio injector system includes: J Plus Controller with cables attached, 12 VDC pilot valve with transformer, four Anderson Hi-Capacity heads, a variable ratio turbine water meter, four injector valves with lines, 30 gallon horizontal blending tank, plumbing accessories, and instructions. Purchase solution tanks separately.

Universal Injector parts

1W532 Injector Pump 10.0# $455.00
1W535 High Capacity Pump 10.0# $585.00
1W533 Universal Injector Valve .38# $79.00
1W534 Skinner Valve, 24VAC, MT 3/8" .50# $331.76
1W536 Skinner Valve, 12VdC, MT .50# $370.00

Punching tool with replaceable tip and clean out tool.

punchingtool.jpg (64830 bytes)
Dripper.JPG (59593 bytes)
Sprayer stake with 1/8" X 24" X .076 ID. polyethylene line. Flow rate of 4.2 GPH (.07 GPM) "fan" pattern spray, with shut-off on the back of the sprayer stake. Does not require inserts.
Dripper stake with 1/8" X 18" X .050 ID. polyethylene line. Flow rate of 2.1 GPH (.035 GPM) stream, with shut-off on the back of the dripper stake. Does not require inserts.

- Item Length net. wt/100 Description 100 $/100 500 $/100 1000 $/100 2000 $/100
6W241 24" 0.75# Leader only $15.00 $14.00 $13.00 $12.50
6W242 4 1/2" 0.91# Spray Stake only (Green) $27.00 $25.60 $24.50 $24.00
6W249 18" 0.69# Leader only $16.50 $15.50 $14.50 $14.00
6W250 4 1/2" 0.81# Dripper Stake only (Brown) $33.00 $31.00 $30.50 $29.50
6W243 2500' 22.00# Roll $89.95 .076 ID uncut sprayer leader tubing
6W251 2500' 22.00# Roll $92.00 .050 ID uncut dripper leader tubing
6W260 - 0.13# EA $11.50 1/8" Leader PUNCHING TOOL
6W261 - 0.01# EA $1.40 Punching Tool Replacement Tip

solenoid valves.jpg (8902 bytes) Solenoid Valves
All solenoid valves are constructed of glass-reinforced gray nylon. The automatic valves come complete with 24V solenoid operator and 18" of wire. Valves require approximately 5 lbs. pressure to shut-off. 24 volts electrical current activates solenoid to withdraw plunger and allow water to raise poly diaphragm and initiate water flow.  The spring loaded plunger reseats after the electricity is discontinued, and water pressure on top of the diaphragm achieves shut-off.  Flow control models allow for adjustment of water volume. The PVC to poly pipe solenoid valve adapter kits consist of a PVC "T" (for valves in the center of the main header) or PVC "L" (for valves at the end of the main header), PVC male adapters, and appropriate PVC to poly pipe "T".

Item #







Automatic Valve





Automatic Valve w/ flow control





Replacement Diaphragm





Automatic Valve





Replacement Diaphragm



Solenoid Valve Replacement Parts



Solenoid Operator w/ Plunger





Plunger and Spring Only





Large O-Ring


$ 0.15



Small O-Ring


$ 0.05


1" X 1"

Insert poly solenoid plumbing kit




1" X 3/4"

Compression poly solenoid plumbing kit




1.5" X 3/4"

Compression poly solenoid plumbing kit



Polypropylene Line Strainers Y-strainer.jpg (3955 bytes)
- Part # Size Description Ship Weight Price
5W210 1" Y-Strainer 0.94# $23.95
5W220 1 1/4" Y-Strainer 0.88# $24.95
5W225 1 1/2" Y-Strainer 0.94# $42.95
5W230 2" Y-Strainer 1.75# $48.95
Includes 80 mesh stainless steel screen
Replacement screens
5W221 1", & 1 1/4" 0.13# $12.95
5W231 1 1/2" & 2" 0.13# $21.95

All products & prices are subject to change at any time.

8765 Vollmer Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-4710

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