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W-Wire Poly Lock

W-Wire poly lock is easy to use and is an effective method of attaching your poly-film roof and / or shade cloth. W-Wire lock will hold from 4 mil to 20 mil thickness of material. Use one wire to hold the roof in place and then use a second wire to hold your shade cloth. When it is time to remove the shade cloth, you will not disturb the roof plastic. Can also be used on the front face of a building by notching the base to form a semi-curve that matches the curve of the arch. Base is available in 8' 11" lengths and the wire is 6' 6" pieces.

W-Wire is ALWAYS a direct shipment from the manufacturer.
Always estimate around 2 weeks to ship.

Part # Description Ship Wght to 480' to 1920' to 1,920' +
8C350 Base w/wire/ft. 0.29 # $ 1.13 $ 1.09 $ 1.06
                         - - -
8C353 8' 11" Base Only 0.04 # $ 7.38 $ 711.00 -
                         9 ft 900 ft -
8C355 6' 6" Wire Only 0.04 # $ 1.83 $ 176.00 $ 688.00
                         6 ft 600 ft 2400 ft

Kwic-Klip Poly Lock
Secure Plastic with a "SNAP"

will not damage plastic when properly installed.

Kwic-Klip engineered two-piece extruded aluminum system is designed to save you time and money. Kwic-Klip holds your plastic intact without tearing or damaging film in any way. Makes film replacement a "snap"! Base and cap are in 8 foot lengths. Curved cap in 6 inch lengths is used to secure the poly plastic to the curve over the gable end.

Kwic-Klip is ALWAYS a direct
shipment from the manufacturer.
Always estimate around 2 weeks to ship.

  • Consists of two High strength aluminum alloy extrusions that clip together
  • Is easily attached to wood or metal
  • Will secure up to 24 mil thickness
  • Ideal for use on double-layer air-inflated greenhouses.
  • Over 200 lb. holding power per lineal ft.
kwicklip.jpg (83710 bytes)
- Part # Description ship wght 1 - 24 25 - 248 249 - 624 625 +
8C325 8' Base & Cap 2.64 # $12.60/ea $11.75/ea $11.00/ea $10.75/ea
8C326 8' Base Only 1.44 # $6.50/ea $6.25/ea $5.65/ea $5.55/ea
8C327 8" Cap Only 1.20 # $6.90/ea $6.40/ea $6.00/ea $5.90/ea
- 1 - 199 200 - 1999 2000 - 4999 5000 +
8C328 12" Cap (2 @ 6") .12 # $2.99 ea $2.95 ea $2.80 ea $2.70 ea

agralock.jpg (23778 bytes)

Use 8C310 or
8C311-6 for orders you want sent by UPS.


Agra Lock
How Agra Lock Works

Agra Lock 12' base may be fastened to wood or steel and will form over gable arches.
Easy to handle 2' tops snap-lock onto base with hand pressure.
No special tools are required
Three points of contact hold poly without pinching or weakening.
Under tension from inflation, the tongue of the top section is pulled up toward keeper bead increasing its hold on the poly at all three contact points.
Agra Lock top is easily removed by pulling up on the poly tail.
The top is constructed with a stiffener bead to maintain the critical holding dimension even if the top is bent out of shape.

Agra Lock is ALWAYS a direct shipment from the manufacturer.
Always estimate around 2 weeks to ship.

- Part # Packaged System Length Wght Fabrication Included Price
8C310-12 Agra Lock Base & Cap 12' (Truck Shipping) 3.84 # All Bases Are Punched For Mounting Points

8C310 Agra Lock Base & Cap 6' (For UPS Shipping) 1.92 # $10.95
8C311 Agra Lock Base Only 12' (Truck Shipping) 2.00 # $10.95
8C311-6 Agra Lock Base Only 6' (For UPS Shipping) 1.00 # $5.95
8C313 2' Top Flat application 0.30 # $1.95
8C312 1' Top Arch application 0.10 # $1.05
8C315 Hole Punching Charge 5/16"-12' on center N / A - $ 0.10
agralockprofile.jpg (19593 bytes) Quantity Order Discount Schedule
Total lineal feet of base extrusion Multiplier Total lineal feet of base extrusion Multiplier
12' - 888' 1.00 3,600' - 7,188' .90
900' - 3,588' .95 7,200' - 11,988' .85

Nexus Lock

Nexus introduces a new Heavy Duty two-piece extruded aluminum poly film locking device. Nexus Lock will hold your plastic films without damage. The unique base design takes the guess work out of "proper installation". Install the base either direction! Please specify that the lock will be attached to 1) metal or 2) wood. Base comes in 12 foot sections.
The cap comes in 1 foot sections for arches or standard 2 foot sections. Please specify length of cap needed for arches when ordering.

Nexus Lock is ALWAYS a direct shipment from the manufacturer.
Always estimate around 2 weeks to ship.

nexuslock.JPG (14250 bytes)
- Part # Description Wt./Ft. Per Foot
8C307 Nexus Lock Base & Cap 2.1 # $2.36/ft

Kool Ray Easy-Off Shade Compound

KOOL RAY is back by popular demand in its "classic" Ezy-Off Formula. KOOL RAY CLASSIC may be its new name but its formula is the original and reliable KOOL RAY Ezy-Off.

KOOL RAY CLASSIC is specifically designed to lower inside greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. During the course of the year, CLASSIC's environmentally friendly ingredients will slowly wear off (weather permitting) allowing for increased light levels as the daylight decreases. CLASSIC works best when spray applied.

This Liquid Shade Compound is a concentrate for coating greenhouse polyethylene and fiberglass. The average dilution for Liquid Shading Compound is seven (7) parts water to one (1) part shade compound. Shade density can be varied for each crop. Apply using brush, roller, sprayer, or splash method. Frost loosens shade for fall removal.

For MSDS, Click Here

5K400 Shade Compound 1 gallon 1,400 sq/ft approx. coverage 12# $42.95
5K401 Shade Compound 5 gallons 7,000 sq/ft approx. coverage 55# $174.95

Sun Clear Condensation Control

- Part # Qty Dilute 1:50 to make Estimated Coverage Price Weight
5K100 1 Pint 5 Gallons 5,000 Sq.Ft. $16.95 .66 #
5K101 1 Quart 10 Gallons 10,000 Sq.Ft. $31.95 2.52 #
5K102 1 Gallon 40 Gallons 40,000 Sq.Ft $115.95 9.81 #
The dilution of Sun Clear for new multiyear plastics is a 1:50 ratio. 
: Certain hard waters containing excessive amounts of calcium or magnesium are not suitable for diluting Sun Clear.

Click Here for MSDS

All products & prices are subject to change at any time.

8765 Vollmer Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-4710

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