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Calcium Nitrate [50lbs Bag] – $80.95/bag (7 Available)
Magnesium Sulfate [50lbs Bag] – $75.95/bag (11 Available)
Mono-Potassium Phosphate [50lbs Bag] – $175.95/bag (18 Available)
Potassium Chloride [50lbs Bag] – $73.75/bag (50 Available)

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They are now the manufacturer of our world famous Nematodes

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Can I grow peppers or cucumbers with tomato formula 4-18-38?
Can I mix all nutrients together as a concentrate?
What Is A “Southern Vegetable” Plant?

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4-20-39 & 4-20-39 Brochure.

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Selecting a Greenhouse / Hydroponics Supply company is a very important step in ensuring success. You must look at the initial investment. You should also look at the long term service you expect of the company from which you buy your system. Hydro-Gardens has been blending CHEM-GRO custom hydroponic nutrient formulas since 1965, and has been selling vegetable greenhouse complexes since 1968. Hydro-Gardens began growing hydroponic tomatoes in 1972, and expanded the production facility to 2 acres during the mid 70’s. Our greenhouse complex was well known in the Colorado Springs/Denver area for its quality tomatoes and European cucumbers. The internationally known Broadmoor hotel has been a long time customer of Hydro-Gardens’ and we installed their hydroponic facility.

During the early 1970’s, Hydro-Gardens developed and introduced to the industry, the vertical bag system for tomato production. This method quickly replaced the flood and drain growing technique then in use. During that same period, our experimentation and interest led to the introduction of the DeRuiter line of greenhouse hybrid tomato and European cucumber seed to American growers. This line of seed found in our catalog contains the standard varieties that continue to be preferred by most growers. In 1985, Hydro-Gardens understood how the changing regulations for insecticide use would soon effectively eliminate them from the growers arsenal. We searched through the available predator/parasite producers and obtained the licensing rights to bring those beneficials direct to you, the grower. In 1987, Hydro-Gardens developed the insect barrier Fly-Barr. This is currently the only insect barrier available that does not significantly reduce incoming air flow yet will stop white fly and greatly reduce, if not stop, thrips from entering your greenhouse. We began growing the beneficial nematodes you will find in our catalog that same year.

Introduced in 1995 is a line of organic fertilizers. All the products you need to grow healthy plants in the soil organically. We’ve included Humic and Fulvic Acids along with a superior line of products from the sea. Coconut fiber organic media is also available. Hydro-Gardens has brought back some Hobby Sized Greenhouses. We think these will be just what you are looking for if you want to have a small greenhouse in your back yard or use to start your seeds without having to heat your entire greenhouse.

Our latest endeavor was, in 2008, to purchase Greenlawn Sprinkler Company. Greenlawn Sprinkler has been serving the Colorado community since 1962. They specialize in manufacturing quality lawn sprinkler part. Years of manufacturing experience assure long service life and high value components. The Greenlawn label denotes the careful engineering and design of all Greenlawn products. Greenlawn Sprinkler holds with highest quality of manufacturing on the market today. Valves have a field history exceeding 40 years. Originally cast brass, injection molded plastic since 1965. Durable glass reinforced nylon construction and slow close polyurethane diaphragm assure dependable performance. We have added their high quality line of products to the Hydro-Gardens family to continue to be a complete supplier to the industry.

Success in this, or any other business is predicated on obtaining the best products at the most competitive prices followed up with an “on call” supplier of the services you need. The initial greenhouse decisions you make could spell the difference between success and disaster. Hydro-Gardens has been providing the best vegetable greenhouses at the right price for longer than any other company in the business. Our customers can be found in every state. Hydro-Gardens has also provided this technology transfer to many other countries during the past 20+ years. It makes sense to deal with the company that has the outstanding reputation in the field. You can choose no better than Hydro-Gardens.

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