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Greenlawn Sprinkler has been serving the Colorado community amd we have been proudly making Greenlawn valves since 1962. We specialize in manufacturing quality lawn sprinkler parts. In addition, our friendly & professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

Beautiful Surroundings are a natural with Greenlawn sprinkler products. Easy maintenance, durable components, and reliable performance make up the Greenlawn quality package.

Check out our product lines:

Our Greenlawn Valve Installation & Trouble-Shooting Guide – Installation Instructions Trouble Shooting Guide

Thanks to Irri-Gartors Underground you can see a video of how our solenoids are manufactured. They are working on the rest of the video to show the entire valve being made. Check it out and see how the American Made Greenlawn valves are put together.