Agrowsoft Irrigation Controllers

Simple to Operate for Complete Greenhouse Control!!!
These microprocessor based stand alone controller systems feature a water resistant enclosure, a portable touch screen, WIFI hotspot, and environment sensors. The sensors read environmental conditions every second. Based on user defined growing settings, the microprocessor turns relay switches on and off. The relay switches are rated at 10amp (120v ac /24v dc). These switches are connected to the environment’s equipment such as heaters, vents, fans, and irrigation soleniod valves. Growing parameters such as heating and cooling set points, irrigation zone on time, etc are easily changed to tailor the system to any kind of crop. All versions use a light sensor for solar irrigation based on accumulated light. Each irrigation zone has an independant on time defined in seconds. The environment controller versions feature a relay for a user defined temperature alert alarm. All versions come ready to use with the enclosure, the microprocessor, the relay switches, sensors with cables, an installation guide, an owner’s manual, and a power supply.

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