Amblyseius cucumeris [125,000 in 500 Mini Sachets on Stick]

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5P370M – Thrips Predator Amblyseius cucumeris These predatory mites are tan-orange in color and similar in looks and movement to the spider mite predator. The predator population must be built up and established early in the crop, even before evidence of thrips. These predators search the plants and feed on thrip nymphs and immature spidermites. Introduce at the rate of 1 predator per ft2, two weeks after transplanting. Repeat applications every month during periods of warm, dry weather. These predators provide a means of control in the foliage. If NO THRIPS are present, A. cucumeris can survive on pollen.

Sachets on a Stick

  • Propagation is one of the most critical times for pest management. Mini sachets on a stick are ideal for effective pest prevention and control at this time.
  • Labor savings versus weekly broadcast applications.
  • Water-resistant sticks do not take any plug space away.
  • Stick is round and small and can be used in any plug tray size.
  • Can be applied in propagation at sticking or seeding line.
  • Exit hole for mites is protected under waterproof.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for Sachets on a Stick

  • Open shipping box of sachets within the crop.
  • Separate sachets by tearing along perforations.
  • Stick one sachet into each propagation tray, pot or shuttle tray.
  • Place sachet stick into the plug tray or pot/coco bag and have sachet sit approximately 1/8” above the growing media.
  • Mites will emerge for 4 to 8 weeks

Application Rate = 1 predator per Sq/Ft (of greenhouse area) every two weeks.


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