Amblyseius cucumeris [200,000 in Sachets]

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2018 – Package Size Reduced by Manufacturer to 200,000 from 260,000.

5P370S – Thrips Predator Amblyseius cucumeris These predatory mites are tan-orange in color and similar in looks and movement to the spider mite predator. The predator population must be built up and established early in the crop, even before evidence of thrips. These predators search the plants and feed on thrip nymphs and immature spidermites. Introduce at the rate of 1 predator per ft2, two weeks after transplanting. Repeat applications every month during periods of warm, dry weather. These predators provide a means of control in the foliage. If NO THRIPS are present, A. cucumeris can survive on pollen

What is the Controlled Release System (CRS)?- The CRS system is an innovative release system pioneered by Syngenta Bioline in 1991, in response to the increasing damage caused by the pest Frankliniella occidentalis,which had newly arrived in Europe.Each CRS sachet is made of special non-porous paper, and contains a breeding colony of the predatory mite together with another mite, which serves as a food source. Amblyseius cucumeris emerge over an extended period at a regular rate, ensuring the continuous presence of predators on the crop throughout the life of the sachet. The average recorded emergence is approximately 400 mites per sachet per week, giving a total release of over 2,400 mites over the life of the sachet. Numbers will vary depending on temperature and conditions of use. Because the mites are emerging continuously, there is no need for them to establish on the target crop for them to offer thrips control.
How should you use it? – CRS sachets. Hang these from the stems of the crop or the strings so that they remain in the shade. A standard rate would be one sachet /sq/ft, but this may be increased to one sachet /plant in so me crops. Replace the sachets every six to eight weeks to ensure protection of your crop. Low humidity can reduce sachet life, so hang them away from heating pipes and out of direct sunlight. Sachets must be applied preventively and used at the recommended spacing and frequency. Independent research has shown that early use can prevent damage on cucumber foliage, but even a two-week delay in application can allow damaging populations to develop with a consequent loss of 20% of the leaf area.

Application Rate = 1 predator per Sq/Ft (of greenhouse area) every two weeks.


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