Anderson Ratio Injector w/4 (1W535) Heads

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Anderson Ratio Injectors

(Single and Multi Head)

Anderson 4Head 1:284, 12VDC

The Ratio : Feeder Fertilizer infector is designed to permit multiple pump heads to be controlled by one control unit (turbine meter). This allows the feeding of greater amounts of nutrient; or, it allows two or more nutrients to be fed at the same time without the bother of pre-mixing. Also, nutrients that are incompatible in concentrated form can be fed individually. Of course, each pump head is fully adjustable independently of any of the others. We have successful installations in the field with 20 pump heads. Any single pump head model can be converted into a multi-head model in the field using additional fittings.

The turbine water meter requires a J Plus controller to operate. The systems listed above include the controller, water meter, high capacity pumps heads, pilot valve and fittings. Solution tanks and a blending tank are not included.

This system will support up to 90 gallons per minute output, if your incoming water pressure and volume are adequate. The 1:128 ratio injector system includes: J Plus Controller with cables attached, 12 VDC pilot valve with transformer, four Anderson Hi-Capacity heads, a variable ratio turbine water meter, four injector valves with lines, 30 gallon horizontal blending tank, plumbing accessories, and instructions. Purchase solution tanks separately.