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5P392A – Aphidius colemani

Aphidius is a small wasp (1/8″) and is known to be very efficient in the biological control of aphids. Aphidius hunts for individual aphids throughout the crop.

One female Aphidius lays up to 100 eggs in her lifetime. Eggs are laid into immature aphids. The wasp pierces the back of the aphid with its ovipositor, leaving a small, barely visible reddish mark. They lay an egg in the aphid which, upon hatching, feeds without apparently affecting the victim for a time. From within the pest, the beneficial larva will glue the aphid to the leaf, and spin a cocoon from which it pupates. At this stage, parasitized aphids can easily be recognized as swollen, papery, and a silvery brown colored – also called a mummy. When the wasp is mature, it will cut a circular hole in the skin of the now dead aphid, and emerge as a winged adult. The complete life cycle takes about 3 weeks at 20ºC (68ºF).

Aphidius is supplied as a pupae inside aphid cases. normally, some will have already hatched, when received. Because of it’s excellent search and detection capacity, small pockets and individual aphids can be easily found and destroyed, often before the grower sees any problem.

Application Rate = 1 Aphidius per 10 Sq/Ft every for two shipments two weeks apart.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for  Vials & Bottles

Release weekly at low rates as aphids begin to appear in the crop. If aphid colonies become established, make localized hotspot treatments or intervene at the economic threshold. If aphids are suspected of transmitting virus or populations are high, use a compatible chemical control before releasing Aphidius colemani. Do not spray between release of adults and mummy formation.

  • Open among plants in the greenhouse.
  • With the vial held horizontally at 45° angle, carefully remove the lid.
  • Release adult parasites evenly by gently tapping the opened vial while walking through the crop.
  • Recap the vial and store at greenhouse temperature until more adults have hatched.
  • Repeat the distribution of adults daily for 2-4 days.
  • Place the open vial containing the remaining mummies upright in the crop for 3-4 days.
  • Make introductions early in the day or in late afternoon/early evening.

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