Aphidoletes aphidimyza [1,000]

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5P390C – Aphid Midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza
Sometimes called a ‘midge larvae’ or ‘aphid midge’, this tiny aphid predator is native to the northern parts of North America and Europe.

Aphidoletes is sensitive to the length of day and will go dormant during the winter without supplemental lighting. As the adults emerge from their cocoons, they will fly and search for aphid honeydew to feed on. The adults are active only at night and during dusk. After mating (2 – 4 days after emergence), the females will deposit about 100 eggs near adult aphids. These eggs hatch out as small, orange larvae in about two days. The newly hatched larvae are as tiny as the egg they came from, but are capable of killing and eating aphids immediately.

Depending on temperature and available food supply, the larvae will continue to kill and feed on aphids for 3 – 14 days. When the larvae have completed their feeding cycle, they will crawl down the plant, burrow into the growing media and develop into a cocoon. And the cycle repeats.

NOTE: In the media, they can be attacked & killed
if you are using Guardian/Lawn Patrol nematodes.

Application Rate = 1 per 10 Sq. Ft. every two weeks


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