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Essential Nutrition from Seed to Harvest – Bud Bread is the quintessential fertilizer for growing cannabis. It is an organic, wettable powder (WP) specifically formulated to provide all the nutes cannabis needs at every growth stage. Applied as a liquid, Bud Bread WP is compatible with most watering systems, and tests on many different strains result in healthy and potent yields.

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Directions: After mixing with water, constant agitation is necessary. Apply to soil (not to foliage). Our suggested application rate is one level teaspoon/gallon/watering cycle at the seedling stage, slowly increasing the mixing rate to one level tablespoon/gallon through the vegetative stage, and slowly decreasing the mix rate back to one level teaspoon/gallon as the plants progress through the flowering stage. Reduce the rate by one-half in constant feeding systems and monitor EC. Allow plants one nute-free week before harvest. Mix only what is needed for the immediate application. Flush irrigation systems after each use.

Bud Bread is available in 1 lb. and 7.5 lb. containers

Bud Bread is Clean Green Certified.™ This product is compliant with organic production standards as outlined by the National
Organic Program (NOP) of the USDA.

Note: For more info, detailed mixing, and use instructions visit their website.

Here is a link for their suggested mixing instructions:
CWO Application Rates

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