CO2 Digital Sequencer

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5E340C – Carbon Dioxide Digital Sequencer

Carbon Dioxide Digital Sequencer (CDDS) transforms the CO2monitor into a powerful and versatile controller. The CDDS-2 provides an easy to use set point controller which enables the user to adjust CO2 level and span. CO2values are adjustable in 10 PPM increments from 0 to 5000 PPM. The span between CO2 “On andCO2 “Off” (hysteresis) is also adjustable in 10 PPM steps up to 300 PPM differential. The LED changes color to indicate CO2function status. The CDDS also provides a switchable photo sensor to disable CO2 production during darkness periods.

You must by a Sensor to make the Sequencer Work. You can use 5E340S.

You will need 1 6E020 transformer to use this with 5E301.

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