DC-3 Hurricane Chemical Fog Applicator

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Insecticide Sprays and Equipment

5E620 – Hurricane Chemical Fog Applicator

ACCURACY – Fully adjustable output from 0 to 5 Gallons per hour. Fully adjustable spray nozzle.
GREATER OUTPUT – More output than current models!
PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION – The Hurricane has an excellent particle distribution pattern with 5-50 micron particle size.
SEE THRU TANK – The 1 gallon tank is translucent so you can check the liquid level at a glance!
STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Made from high-density polyethylene, chemical resistant material!   LIGHT-WEIGHT  –   LONG LASTING!!!!!!
ECONOMY – When you can get a fogger with greater output, adjustable metering at a lower cost  – THAT’S ECONOMY!
HURRICANE DOES IT – The little Hurricane is capable of handling large and small areas. It was specially designed to handle bothwater and petroleum based products.


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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 17 in