Diglyphus isea [250]

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5P460 – Leafminer Control – Diglyphus isea

     Diglyphus isea is a predator that lays its eggs next to leafminer larva. The larva of Diglyphus isea then feed on the leafminer larva. This predator works best with a temperature range of 60o to 90o F. and 50% to 80% R.H. It will control 18 leafminer species

How It Works
Diglyphus adults paralyze pests and lay eggs next to paralyzed leafminer larvae, which quickly hatch and begin to feed. Parasitized leafminer larvae move away from the mine and stop feeding, therefore the mine stops growing immediately. The parasitoid pupates inside the leaf mine before hatching and continuing the cycle. Development from egg to adult is 26-27 days at 15°C / 59°F and 10-11 days at 25°C / 77°F. Activity decreases at low light levels.

Instructions for use
Release early in the morning or in late afternoon. With the vial held horizontally, carefully remove the lid. This should be done among the plants. Regulate release of wasps by gently tapping and inclining the vial while walking through the crop. Distribute as widely as possible.Stand the bottle in the crop for a few hours to allow any remaining parasites to escape.
Use yellow sticky traps to monitor adult leafminer emergence.

Rates of Use:
1 – 7 sq/ft 2x or 1/100 sq/ft weekly

Keep in darkness at 50-59°F/10-15ºC until use. Keep out of direct sunlight. Use within 18 hours of receipt.


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