Encarsia formosa (Nile Delta) [1,000]

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Ef Encarsia formosa (Nile Delta Strain) –
This is a new strain of Encarsia that only HGI has. We have been developing this strain with the assistance of the USDA since 1997. The main advantage to this new strain, is that it will go after all major strains of Whitefly (Greenhouse / Silverleaf – Sweetpotato / Banded Wing). Encarsia formosa (Nile Delta) is a tiny, parasitic wasp that will lay 50 – 100 eggs into whitefly larvae.

   The adult Ef (ND) is about the same size as a GHWF larvae. Ef (ND) is attracted to GHWF honeydew, which it can detect from several feet away. Plants with no GHWF on them are usually avoided. Ef (ND) will fly to GHWF infested plants to search for hosts to parasitize (lay its eggs into). The Ef (ND)can distinguish between unparasitized and parasitized GHWF larvae. Eggs are usually deposited into unparasitized larvae. The Ef egg hatches and develops within the GHWF larvae. This development takes approximately 2 weeks (depending on temperature; 80° F optimum). As this development takes place, the GHWF larvae gradually turns black. The GHWF larvae is killed by the developing Ef (ND)larvae.  When the Ef (ND) larvae has completed development, it emerges from the blackened GHWF larvae by eating a hole in the blackened GHWF larvae and as an adult repeats the cycle.

  Application Rate = 1-2 Per Sq/Ft every two weeks

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