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Nematodes: (Beneficial) Goes after 250+ Bugs

5P450 – Field Guardian IncludesGuardian NematodesSteinernamatid Spp.
Lawn Patrol – Heterorhabditatid Spp.What is it?
Technically, “Field Guardian” is a combination of “Guardian” a sub strain of the Steinernematidae family, and “Lawn Patrol” is a sub strain of the Heterorhabditatid family. Beneficial, entomogenous (insect parasitic) nematodes. Nematodes are one of the most abundant groups of living creatures in the world, with species ranging from pests of plants and animals to beneficial species like this one. This microscopic creature can survive in oxygen rich water or in the root zone of your plants. “Field Guardian” will not harm plants, animals or humans.What does it attack?
“Field Guardian Nematodes” actively searches for insects, insect pupa and insect larvae in places that are constantly moist. “Field Guardian Nematodes” can be used to control;

Japanese beetle grubs White grubs Army worms Cut worms Measuring worms (loopers) Southern rootworm
Spruce budworm Webworms Sod webworms Wire worms Chinch bugs Algae gnats
Fungus gnats Gall gnats Bark beetle Bess beetle Banded cucumber beetle Click beetle
Colorado potato beetle Flea beetles Green June beetle Pine beetle May/June beetles Mexican bean beetle
Scarab beetle Southern pine beetle Black fly European Crane Fly Fruit fly Saw flies
European apply sawfly Field cricket Morman cricket Southern mole cricket Tawny mole cricket Common cockchafer
European chafer Masked chafers Rose Chafer’s Carpenter moth Codling moth Annual bluegrass weevil
Black vine weevil Boll weevil Pecan weevil Pine weevil Peach tree borer Round headed borers
Stem borer Wood borers Billbugs Bluegrass billbug Hunting billbug Imported fire ant
Assassin bugs Stink bugs Apple leaf roller Black turf grass ataenius Gall midges Thrip

Many other insects that spend part of their life cycle in the root zone can also be controlled. “Field Guardian Nematodes” do not kill other types of nematodes. We have been rearing beneficial nematodes since 1986, and have located a sub-strain we feel is far superior to those used in the past. Under ideal conditions, “Field Guardian” can survive more than 90 days without a host insect. Once “Field Guardian” locate and enter a host, it will kill the host, reproduce within it and the offspring will exit in search of more host insects; repeating the cycle.

Tode Paper PDF Format)

Produced by Hydro-Gardens
Hydro-Gardens rears “Field Guardian Nematodes” to insure freshness, quality and prompt shipping to our customers. They are reared on ‘live insect hosts’. Only those “Field Guardian Nematodes” that promptly kill host insects, are selected. We know they work, because we document their behavior. If “Field Guardian Nematodes” can enter a host insect, they will kill the insect within 24 – 48 hours, then reproduce within the insect, then next generation begins to emerge within 10 – 20 days thus providing long-term control.

Releasing 1 million of these nematodes over 2,000 ft2 works out to approximately 500 nematodes per ft2. As a preventative, they should be applied every 60 days to greenhouse crops. For outdoor applications, usually they should be applied in the early Spring as soon as the frost has gone out of the ground. Since they can survive for 60 – 90 days before finding a host, they will be in place as the insect activity increases with warmer temperatures.


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