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Fish Emulsion is a 100% natural liquid fertilizer that’s great on soils, sprouts and mature plants as well as lawns, vegetable gardens, and flowers. With successful treatment, Fish Emulsion is proven to help your plants grow bigger and stronger than they ever have before!* Trace minerals improve the food nutrient capability of soil microbes
* These microbes then produce more plant building blocks
* Roots grow stronger and healthier
* Rate and amount of top growth is improved
* Plants become stronger, larger, and more vibrant
* Healthier plants grow better crops, resulting in higher production yields
* Safe to store, apply, and use anywhere

For best results, dilute liquid 6 tablespoons fertilizer to 1 gallon water. One gallon of concentrate can treat up to 43,000 square feet. Apply as you would any type of fertilizer, directly pouring or spraying onto leaves, stems, and root soil anywhere you need to achieve extra fertilization. Safe for people, pets, and wildlife, you can use your lawn or garden immediately after application.

How it Works
Fish Emulsion is a high nutrient, organic fertilizer with a Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium ratio (N-P-K) of 5-1-1. The nitrogen serves as a rich organic base, with the phosphate and potassium serving as soluble food for soil microorganisms. The end result of which is a healthier soil content which promotes stronger and larger plant growth.

Fish Emulsion SDS

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