Fulvic Acid [Quart]

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2F152 – 8% FULVIC ACID

Fulvic acid is a low molecular weight humate with unique properties. It forms soluble complexes with metal ions and can be taken up directly by plants’ roots even in an acidic environment. All other humic acids are insoluble in acids. Fulvic acid is the only humate shown to have significant biological activity in the transport of nutrients. It is taken up preferentially by the plant and is much more readily transported to the growing shoot where it accumulates with its nutrient load. The hormone-like activity is evident within fairly low rate limits. Research indicates an application rate of 5% of the total nutrient application rate. For example, in liquid fertilizers of 500 ppm concentration of actual nutrients, add 25 ppm fulvic acid.

Field Use: 1 to 2 quarts in 10 gal. of water per acre. Compost Use: 1 pint in 5 gal. of water per cubic yard. 5 Gal bag: 4 oz in 1 gal. H20 per bag Foliar spray: 1/2 oz in 1 gal. of water. Spray until gone.

MSDS – Fulvic Acid
Label – Fulvic Acid

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