Galendromus occidentalis [5,000]

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┬áThis product is currently unavailable (Sept 2021) due to issues with the insectary. We don’t know when/if this product will be available again. We will resume selling it if/when it does. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can purchase Amblyseius andersoni as a substitute.

5P373 – Russet Mite/Cyclamen Mite Control – Galendromus occidentalis

Use G. occidentalis to control Spider mites & Russet mites.
A very adaptable mite predator that tolerates high temperatures
and high humidity (60-85%), both indoors and out.

Adults eat 1-3 pest adults or up to 6 pest eggs/day.
Release rates are 1-2 per sq/ft for greenhouse-bi-weekly, 1-2 applications.
2,000 – 5,000 per acre for field crops – bi-weekly, 1-2 applications.

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