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Nolo Bait™ is an EPA registered biological control for grasshoppers, including Mormon crickets. Nolo Bait™ contains naturally occurring Nosema locustae spores. These spores are uniformly applied to flaky wheat bran at a rate of at least 1 billion spores per pound of bran. The bran is consumed by the grasshoppers and they become infected with the spores. Young grasshoppers that consume the bait will die more quickly than older stages. As Nosema locustae builds up in the gut of heavily infected grasshoppers the insects become lethargic and reduce their feeding. Infected grasshoppers are seen by healthy grasshoppers as additional food sources and are cannibalized. This natural behavior further spreads Nosema locustae throughout the grasshopper population. Additionally, infected females can pass the spores through the egg-laying process. The progression and persistence of this organism provides long-term benefit to the landowner without environmental damage. Nolo Bait™ should be applied at a minimum rate of 1 pound per acre per application. This rate is based on a density of 8 or fewer grasshoppers per square yard. Increased rates and multiple applications are necessary where grasshopper populations are heavier. Best coverage applications should begin with the spring hatch and continue throughout the season until the majority of the population begins reaching adulthood. Nolo Bait™ is best used within 13 weeks from the date of formulation.

How should I apply Nolo Bait™? Nolo Bait™ is a dry, flaky wheat bran bait. Any dry spreader such as a “Whirly Bird” can be used or it can easily be applied by hand.

Where should I apply Nolo Bait™? Apply Nolo Bait™ along the perimeter of your yard or property, anywhere there is tall growth and along weedy ditch banks. If possible, let the plants at the outer margins of your yard grow taller and apply the bait there. This may reduce the number of grasshoppers migrating into your yard/garden area. In gardens or flowerbeds it is best to make bait stations to hold the bait and/or to spread the bait beneath and between the plants. This will help you to avoid drawing additional grasshoppers into the area while allowing those already present to feed on it. Bait stations can be made from anything that will protect the bait from rain and sun. Bait stations can be placed in the shade of the plants on the ground. Keeping these bait stations available will entice grasshoppers to fill up on bait rather than plant material.

When should I apply Nolo Bait™? Morning is best as grasshoppers will do most of their feeding in the morning but late afternoon is good too. Though you may see them around, grasshoppers don’t feed as heavily during the heat of the day. Avoid applying Nolo Bait™ when rain is forecast within the next 4-6 hours or if heavy dew is still present on the grass.

How much Nolo Bait™ should I put out and how often? The minimum application rate is 1 pound per acre, per application. This is based on grasshopper densities of 8 or fewer grasshoppers per square yard. Nolo Bait™ can be applied as often as every few days to once a week and targeted in areas of heaviest grasshopper infestation. Consumption of a higher number of spores per grasshopper will increase efficacy and decrease the amount of time required to kill the grasshoppers. Therefore, where faster population reduction is required, this may be achieved through multiple applications or a higher application rate in order to increase the amount of bait available to each grasshopper.

Nolo Bait is also available in 5 lb bags.

Active Ingredient:
Nosema locustae ….. 0.05%
(Contains 1.0 x 109 viable Nosema spores per pound)

Other Ingredients ….. 99.95%

Nolo Bait™ is NOP compliant and has the “Approved for Organic Production” symbol front and center on the label.

Optimal storage is 42 degrees F in a dry location. They are committed to providing you with the highest quality ingredients in our grasshopper bait, freshly formulated upon order. Their spore is regularly tested to guarantee its viability. This insures that the product will remain 100% active in cool, dry storage conditions for up to 13 weeks from the date of formulation. Thank you for choosing this product. We know you have a choice and we appreciate your business. Working together will help to protect our planet and the future of our children.

The question was asked about the wording on the label about EPA warning about using around vegetables. This is the response from the manufacturer:

With over 40 years of scientific research that has been submitted as proof of the safety of using Nolo Bait,  I am not aware of any negative effects that prompted the label wording that EPA requires. It is my understanding that this standardized label wording is required as a general precaution, partly because Nolo Bait is formulated with a living microbial product, even though that microbial organism has been proven to be host specific and non-hazardous to humans, animals, and other non-targets, and also because of our using flaky wheat bran as a carrier which could have some flour dust associated with it.

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