Greenhouse Cucumber Instructional & Plant Culture Manual (9P097)

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9P097 – Greenhouse Cucumber Instructional & Plant Culture Manual

An introductory book for this specific type of plant. Written by the expert staff at Hydro-Gardens.

Table of Contents –

Information on the Seedless Greenhouse Cucumber
Planning the Crop
Greenhouse Cucumber Lay-Out Guide
Raising Healthy Seedling
Planting the Seed
Environmental parameters for Germinating the Seeds
Post Germination Procedures
What is PH?
Adjusting the PH
Spacing and Re-Potting
Transplanting the Seedlings into the Greenhouse
Pre-Transplant Consideration
Tying up the Plants
Crop Management: Transplant Through Crop Termination
Flowering Habit and Fruit Set
Cultural Practices
Bag Culture
Planting and Plant Growing
Additional Pointers for Growing Good Transplants
Space, Training, and Pruning
Fertilization and irrigation
Yields, Harvesting and Storage
Physiological Disorders, Diseases, and Insects

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