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Hydro-Gardens Has Sold The Nematode Production Business To Nature’s Control
You can get the same nematodes we have always sold direct from them starting Feb 2023.

You can go to their site soon to order.

Thank you for all the business over the years and hope you enjoy the same product as always from Nature’s Control

Nematodes: (Beneficial) Goes after 250+ Bugs

5P393A – Guardian NematodesSteinernema carpocapsae
Gnat Patrol – Steinernema feltiae

What is it?
Technically, “Guardian” is a strain of Steinernema carpocapsae, and “Gnat Patrol” is a strain of Steinernema feltiae. Beneficial, entomogenous (insect parasitic) nematodes. Nematodes are one of the most abundant groups of living creatures in the world, with species ranging from pests of plants and animals to beneficial species like this one. This microscopic creature can survive in oxygen rich water or in the root zone of your plants. “Guardian / Gnat Patrol” will not harm plants, animals or humans.

Gnat Paper (PDF Format)

What does it attack? – Click Here to see a list of specific insects.
“Guardian / Gnat Patrol Nematodes” ambush pest insects, insect pupa and insect larvae in places that are constantly moist. Among the more than 100 susceptible insect pests are: codling moths, cutworms, corn rootworms, strawberry root weevils, European corn borers, white grubs, sod webworms, termites, and many other insects that spend part of their life cycle in the root zone. We use “Guardian / Gnat Patrol Nematodes” to control “fungus gnats” (relating to several thousand species of flies in the same family ) and other root zone pests. “Guardian / Gnat Patrol Nematodes” do not kill other types of nematodes. We have been rearing beneficial nematodes since 1986. We have located a sub-strain we feel is far superior to any used in the past. Under ideal conditions, “Guardian” can survive 90 days or more without a host insect. Once “Guardian” locate and enter a host, it will kill the host, reproduce within it and the offspring will exit in search of more host insects; repeating the cycle.

Produced by Hydro-Gardens
Hydro-Gardens reared Gnat Patrol in a lab setting for 3 years before doing field trials with customers. We have tried to develop the aggressiveness and fecundity behaviors of this strain. We are now confident that we have a far superior strain to any other similar product available. Hydro-Gardens raises “Guardian / Gnat Patrol Nematodes” to insure freshness, quality and prompt shipping to our customers. They are reared on ‘insect hosts’. Only those “Guardian / Gnat Patrol Nematodes” that promptly kill host insects, are selected for reproduction. We know they work, because we document their behavior. If “Guardian” can enter a host insect, they will kill the insect within 24 – 48 hours, then reproduce within the insect, thus providing long-term control.

Guardian / Gnat Patrol Nematodes” are usually applied in the evening, directly into the soil or growing media, however some growers spray their foliage in the evenings and report successful results against some insects on their foliage by using All Season Oil to protect the nematodes from desiccation. “Guardian” can be temporarily stored in a refrigerator at 40o-50oF. You should mix the package into one gallon of water to create a concentrate. “Guardian” can withstand pressures up to 300 PSI, therefore, you can apply them using your injector system, or dilute them with more water and use a pump sprayer, hose-end sprayer, watering can or pail. They will survive in oxygen rich water; such as nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, but may “drown” if you leave them in standing water for more than 24 hours. “Watering in” will help “Guardian / Gnat Patrol Nematodes” migrate to the protected area within root zone. Great for the greenhouse or outdoors!!

Releasing 1 million of these nematodes over 2,000 ft2 works out to approximately 500 nematodes per ft2. As a preventative, they should be applied every 60 days to greenhouse crops. For outdoor applications, usually they should be applied in the early Spring as soon as the frost has gone out of the ground. Since they can survive for 60 – 90 days before finding a host, they will be in place as the insect activity increases with warmer temperatures.


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