Green Leaf Controllers IRC14

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Green Leaf Controllers IRC14 – 6C801

Green Leaf Designs presents the latest in environmental control, the IRC14 unit, providing affordability, innovation and design for all your greenhouse control needs. The unit is also suitable for controlling the environment in any grow room or enclosed area.

The IRC14 monitors temperature, humidity and light to give the grower the most accurate means of environmental control. Data logging of environmental conditions and control operation gives the grower enough information to fine tune the growing parameters. A 24 hr graph shows temperature, humidity, light,accumulated light and irrigation cycles versus time.

The main control unit is in a high strength ABS plastic water resistant enclosure. The system comes with the main controller with an integral 24 volt transformer and power supply. It also comes with a remote location temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a light sensor, an installation and operations manual, and a Android Tablet interface.

The sensors read environmental conditions every second. Based on user defined grower settings, the microprocessor turns relay switches on and off  to activate heaters, fans, shutters, and irrigation solenoids. Growing parameters such as cooling, heat set points, and irrigation zones are easily changed to tailor the system to any crop. A light sensor measures accumulated light to allow the grower to adjust irrigation frequency based on length and intensity of light, temperature and humidity. This dramatically reduces overwatering and fertilizer waste on cloudy and rainy days as the unit automatically adjusts the number of watering cycles.

Version: IRC14 – Complete irrigation control with 14 zones of irrigation, master valve control, temperature alarm (min and max), Android Tablet, a Mobile Hotspot which provides wifi access with a smartphone or wifi equipped device.

Operation Manual

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 7 in


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