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Jawell – Mini Cucumber Seed – Jawell is suitable for the year-round culture of mini-cucumbers. Jawell is partially resistant to real mildew and is necrosis-free. As a result, Jawell is extremely suitable for cultures with an early sowing time (low-light periods) and for cultures where at least real mildew must be combatted. The growth of the main stem and the side shoots is of average vigour. With generative growth control, 1 or 2 fruits develop per axil. The plant remains very well balanced in generative culture, leading to high, uniform production. Jawell’s fruits are an attractive dark colour, shiny and very uniform. The length is about 14-16 cm and the average weight 100 gram. You do not need to peel the skin off these cucumbers. Each blossom, if properly cared for, will become a cucumber.

These cucumber F1 hybrid varieties are produced in Holland. They should be pruned when grown in a greenhouse. Our technical manual (Item # 9P097) offers tips on their culture and pruning technique. F1 hybrids are produced in a greenhouse. The pollen from one parent is manually transferred to the second parent. The seed from this parent plant is the F1 hybrid you are purchasing. As compared to field cucumbers, these varieties are very thin skinned and seedless. They are usually referred to as “European” or “Seedless”, and are bitter free. Therefore you do not need to peel the skin off these cucumbers. They are an all female or mostly female plant: Each blossom, if properly cared for, will become a cucumber. The germination rate for these varieties is 95% to 100% when germinated properly.

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