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5P410K – Bumblebees  Bumblebees can probably do a better job pollinating your tomato or pepper flowers than you!! Studies show that pollinating tomatoes with bumblebees will give a 3% – 5% increase in yield, with a 5% – 8% increase in fruit size!!Bumblebees can probably do the pollinating job for less money than you can hire it done!! Bumblebees will work 7 days a week!! No time off!! No sick days!! No payroll taxes!! Never too busy to pollinate, bumblebees seem to know exactly when the pollen is ready, resulting in excellent fruit setting. Order by received by 10:00am MT Time will be shipped next business day with Next Day delivery.

Natupol Excel Start Up Bombus impatiens

Use Natupol Excel Start Up for:Pollination of a wide range of indoor crops such as round and plum tomatoes

Packaging:One hive with one colony of bumblebees including a queen, 100-125 workers, brood and sugar water

When to use Natupol Excel Start Up?

Natupol is Koppert’s flagship product. This standard product is perfect for a wide range of crops, grown on surfaces bigger than 2000 m2 and with approximately 25-35 flowers per m2 per week (for example round and plum tomatoes).

How does Natupol Excel Start Up work?

After their release, worker bumblebees start pollinating the crop. They are supported by more workers born in the weeks after their introduction.

The improved visibility of the hives among the crop (Beevision) is based on the way bumblebees see. Bumblebees now easily find the hive, fewer bumblebees get lost in the greenhouse and pollination improves.

Application Natupol Excel Start Up

  • Distribute the Natupol hives evenly along the main path of the greenhouse
  • Place the colonies on a horizontal platform (avoid inclination, otherwise sugar water may leak)
  • During summer; Position the hive about 20-60 cm above the ground on the south-side of a path to obtain maximum shade from the crop. If needed, provide additional shading.
  • During winter; Position the hive near the top of plants on the north side of the main path. Ensure that the hive is exposed to the first daylight.
  • Wait at least for 15 minutes after positioning the hives before opening the hive entrance, this allows the bumblebee colonies to calm down.

Best working conditions Natupol Excel Start Up

Natupol performs best at ambient temperatures of between 10-30°C


  • Every hive contains food in order to keep the bumblebees in good condition during transport and storage.
  • To guarantee the best pollination results, start using the hive on the day of arrival.
  • Start using the hive no later than one day after arrival.
  • Maintain the bumblebees at a temperature of between 15 – 25°C.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the hive.

Special points of attention

  • Make sure the hives and the entrances are well visible, so the bumblebees easily find their way home.
  • Place no more than two hives next to or close to each other. To reduce drift of bumblebees, make sure each hive entrance points into a different direction.
  • Please note that direct sunlight on the hive can increase the internal hive temperature with 5-15°C. It is important to provide shade in warm conditions.
  • Make sure ants cannot reach the sugar water of the hive by making a barrier of grease or insect glue. Also avoid contact between plants and the hive, so that ants cannot reach the hive.
  • Avoid colonies to be placed in the direct surrounding of the CO2 supply, or in other locations where CO2 can reach high levels (over 2500 ppm).

Natupol Excel Startup hives are comparable to the previous Class B hives. This means they are most beneficial for use in greenhouses that need a heavy amount of pollination very quickly. Excel Startup hives are not intended to last as long as Excel hives, but they are ideal if your greenhouse is in or close to full bloom and needs to be pollinated immediately.

Description: Bigger sized colony for crops with a high start up pollination demand.
Use: For greenhouses that that are in or near full bloom and need a lot of pollination fast.
Coverage: 1,000 to 15,000 sq/ft
Longevity: 7-8 Weeks; Maximum effectiveness occurs between weeks 2-4.
Number of Bees: 100+ workers. It has more worker bees compared to the Excel so it reaches its maximum effectiveness faster. The level of pollination is heavier from the first day it is introduced but declines faster over a shorter period of time.
Comparable to: Old Class ‘B’ Hives
Best Use: Best hive if you need pollination quickly (plants already have a lot of flowers). If you need more long term pollination, you should order an Excel Hive.

Note: This hive takes much less time to reach its maximum level and the hive’s overall performance fast and has a shorter lifespan. If your state requires the Queen Excluder (States West of the Rocky Mountains), you will be sent one of those hives automatically.

Will be marked by a “S” on the box.

We recommend that you schedule a replacement hive (possibly change to the Excel Hives) to be delivered during the 4th to 6th week. (The larger the square footage – the more frequently you may need to reorder.) This will allow time for the new hive to become acclimated to your greenhouse before the old hive gives out.

Natupol Instructions 2020

All of the states West of the Rocky Mountains that receive the queen excluder doors on the hives.

  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Washington
  • Oregon (No bees can be shipped to OR)

California Customers Must Have This Application On File To Receive Bees: 

Just print this form  CA Hive Permit App Web and fill in the personal information.
Then fax it to (916) 654-1018. 

CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture).  On their website,  you will find the fax number and contact information for submitting the application.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services
Permits and Regulations Program http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/plant/permitsandregs.html

Oregon Customers: due to regulations and permitting there is a restriction of the sale of bumble bee hives in the State of Oregon. No hives will be sold to customers in Oregon. Sorry.

Price does not include shipping-Bees will be shipped by NEXT DAY AIR. Can NOT be sent by US Mail!

The 2021 approximate shipping cost (These are estimates only):

AK MI WI, OH, KY or IN All Other States
1st Hive Shipped / Each $120 $55 $75 $85
Additional Hives / Each $85 $52 $65 $70

For the foreseeable future, our new bumblebee shipment schedule will be as follows:

Ship Day        Order Day & Time Deadline

Monday            Friday by 12:00 pm EST 

Wednesday     Tuesday by 12:00 pm EST


This item is ALWAYS sent direct from the insectary by Next Day Air ONLY. If you select a lesser shipping method, we will upgrade it to the minimum level and your shipping charges will be adjusted.

Shipping will be determined by each order.
The freight that shows on this shopping cart is just an estimate. Actual shipping charges will be adjusted.

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