Porous Ground Cover Black 10′ [300′ Roll]

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5E121 – Porous Ground Cover Black 10′ [300′ Roll]

Ground Cover stops weeds from growing without the use of harmful chemicals. Premium choice in ground cover fabric ideal for greenhouses, nurseries and other growers. The material is made with tightly woven UV resistant polypropylene yet allows water to drain quickly without getting trapped. This lightweight cloth alternative to black plastic resists tearing, puncturing, and weed penetration and comes with color stripes every 12” to aid in plant alignment.

This Ground Cover will not rot or mildew and is strong enough to take years of daily punishment while providing a professional appearance to any growing layout. Just roll it out and tack it down.

  • Landscaping
  • Greenhouse Nurseries
  • Garden Centers
  • Shade Houses
  • Under Benches
  • Under Containers
  • Walkways
  • Windbreaks

This cover is the premium choice for ground cover fabric. Tough enough to take years of daily punishment, Stops weeds while providing a professional look to any growing layout. Tightly woven yet easy breathable, water drains quickly without getting trapped.


  • UV protected polypropylene for years of outdoor life.
  • Stops weeds without harmful chemicals.
  • Green strips on 12” on center for quick and easy pot alignment.
  • Drains easy to reduce puddling.
  • Will not rot or mildew.
  • Stands up to all temperature extremes.

(Strength retained after 2500Hrs. Carbon Arc Weatherometer)

Available in widths of 10′ or 12′.

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