Porous Ground Cover White 12′ [300′ Roll]

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5E113 – Porous White Ground Cover – 12′ x 300′ Roll

These woven polypropylene “fabrics” replace the need for expensive concrete floors in most greenhouse applications.  Moisture seeps through both layers to the ground. Black smothers weed growth.  White reflects sunshine to the plants. Can be staked to the ground for secure and easy installation. Provide for a 6″ minimum overlap when calculating requirements. The white over black combination will last several years. Wash both layers with a surfactant(dish soap) and hard bristle broom to remove the oil film left on the fabric during manufacturing. Available in widths of 12′.

5E123 & 5E113 are highly reflective black or white ground cloth for use as a ground cover on greenhouse floors. Product will increase light reflections and aid in reducing weed growth. The top side is bright white sprinkle with black to insure reflectability. The bottom side is black sprinkled with white. It’s made for inside use as well as outside use for many applications. It is Water & Air Permeable & Mildew Resistant.

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