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5P334 – Chinese Praying Mantis Egg Cases    – Back In Stock for 2022!!

PRAYING MANTIS EGG CASES – (Tenodera aridifolia sinensis) Praying mantids are beautiful insects with a voracious appetite for almost any garden pest that they can overcome. In the fall the females produce egg cases that are attached to twigs, leaves, fences, etc. and may contain 50 to 400 eggs which will hatch into about 200 young mantids on average.

Release Instructions for Praying Mantids: Once you have made it home with your insects, you may store them in a refrigerator but DO NOT FREEZE THEM. If stored in a refrigerator, the Mantis eggs will remain unhatched. However we recommend releasing before August. Hatching later than this may not give the baby Mantids time to mature and reproduce before the winter freeze. There are two different approaches to releasing, specifically designed for outdoor or indoor release. Each egg case will hatch about 50-200 baby Mantids.

Indoor hatching (Preferred): In order to hatch they’ll need several weeks of warm weather, so they can “sense” that summer (and pest insects for food) has arrived. If you’d like to see when the mantis have hatched, place the egg cases in a paper bag, fold the top and seal shut with a paper clip or clothes pin. Place the bag on a window sill in direct sunlight or on top of your refrigerator. Periodically open the bag carefully, and when you see or hear tiny mantids running around inside, take them outside and sprinkle them throughout the garden. Be patient – sometimes it takes up to eight weeks of warm weather for them to hatch

Outdoor hatching: We recommend tying a string to the piece of the twig the egg case was originally spun around. Hang the egg case about 1 foot off the ground. Once the egg begins to hatch babies will crawl from between tiny flaps in the case and use a silken thread to climb down to the ground or onto surrounding plants. Once the egg has hatched it will be very hard to tell that it has hatched. The babies will disperse and find an area in your yard to call home and the egg case will look the same to most untrained eyes. If you want to make sure they hatch we recommend using the indoor hatching application.

Available March through September Only

Orders placed later in the season might not hatch. Customer will still be responsible for all charges. Order at your own risk.


Application Rate = 1-4 egg cases per garden
Praying Mantis Release Instructions

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