Semaspore Grasshopper Bait [1lbs Bottle]

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The manufacturer stopped producing this item in Feb 2019. No longer available.

Semaspore Grasshopper Bait – 5P380A
Contains Nosema locustae, a naturally occurring disease that attacks over 100 species of grasshoppers. After eating Semaspore grasshoppers become sick, eat less, and begin to die. The disease spreads to other grasshoppers through natural cannibalism. In 2-4 weeks, 50% of the grasshopper population will die, and most survivors will be infected to continue spreading the disease. Infected survivors eat 75% less than that of healthy grasshoppers and lay 60-80% fewer eggs. The disease also carries over at least another year. Will not harm humans, pets or wildlife. Apply 1 lb. Semaspore per acre, when grasshoppers are young (1/2″ – 3/4″ long). Treat hatching beds (grassy areas of unbroken ground) where nymphs are seen. Do NOT apply if rain is expected within 8 hours. Heavy infestations may require multiple applications. Semaspore Bait has a 8 week shelf life – 5 months if refrigerated.

Semaspore is also available in 50 lb. bags & 5 lb bags.

Active Ingredient:
Nosema locustae ….. 0.05%
(Contains 1.0 x 109 viable Nosema spores per pound)

Other Ingredients ….. 99.95%

Semaspore OMRI JUN19
Semaspore Label
Semaspore MSDS


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