Shade Cloth 30% Special Purchase 1 piece @ 32′ X 119′ (0E413S)

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  We have a special purchase. This product was returned to us due to a communication error. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the product, just something we don’t stock. Gotta move it.


We have 4 pieces 32′ X 119′. This is 30% Shade.


Technical Details

UV resistance (years) 4

ChromatiNet Pearl Shade Net 30-35% Diffused Light Transmission: 80%

ChormatiNet Pearl is knitted from a sheet that is manufactured in  a special process.

Direct light passes through the threads is diffused and covers many parts of the plant, especially the lower stems and leaves. This results in increased photosynthesis efficiency, leading to accelerated and abundant growth and improved product quality. The diffused light increases the number of secondary branches in many plants and is especially beneficial in stem and leaf products.

  • Excellent for herbs, leaf vegetables and nursery crops.
  • Knitted in widths 32′ x 119′
  • Flexible, light, strong and easy to install.
  • Recyclable and UV resistant.

ChromatiNet Pearl is knitted from a sheet that is manufactured in a special process resulting in increased photosynthesis.

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