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5K401 – Kool Ray™ Liquid Shade

Since 1953, Kool Ray™ Liquid Shade has been helping greenhouses keep their cool. Kool Ray Liquid Shade is a shading concentrate that, when diluted with water to a desired shading density and applied to the external glazing of a greenhouse, provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to mechanical greenhouse shading and ventilation systems.

Kool Ray’s bright white formulation effectively lowers the inside greenhouse temperatures during the peak growing season while allowing the growth wavelengths of light to pass through on their way to your plants. Once applied, Kool Ray’s environmentally friendly ingredients will slowly wear off during the growing season (weather permitting) gradually allowing for increased light levels as the amount of daylight decreases. Kool Ray works best when spray applied, but it can also be applied with a brush or a roller.


This Liquid Shade Compound is a concentrate for coating greenhouse polyethylene and fiberglass. The average dilution for Liquid Shading Compound is seven (7) parts water to one (1) part shade compound. Shade density can be varied for each crop. Apply using brush, roller, sprayer, or splash method.

Frost loosens shade for fall removal.  NOT recommended for Glass, surface is too slick, and will wash off with heavy rain.  It is best to apply a light coat – let it dry, then determine if another coat is necessary to get the required amount of shade.

Mix ratio is 1:7 – Resulting 8 gallons is about 1,000 sq. ft. coverage.

1:8 Ratio = 31% shade

1:5 Ratio = 47% shade




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