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6C500 – Step 50A & Step 500 Greenhouse Controllers

The STEP 50A & STEP 500 are packed with features that no other control systems offer!

 1. Corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum cabinet with Plexiglas window protects control system
from environment.
2. 2 modulation output pairs for operating solid state voltage proportioning equipment.
1. Heating
2. Night cooling lockout
3. Aspirator module terminals.
4. Aspirator module senses greenhouse temperature. Comes with 100 feet of cable.
5. Color coded override switches provide manual control of stages
6. Light emitting diodes give a visual indication of stages currently operating.
7. Automatically switches from day to night temperature setting by photocell.
8. Override switch panel designed to permit manual operation of equipment with amplifier and
sequencer circuit board removed.
9. System automatically resets to ‘set point’ if power fails, preventing equipment circuit overloads.
10. 5 stage, variable time delay logic sequencer operates heating & cooling equipment in locked
STEPS. Prevents rapid equipment cycling, conserving energy & reducing equipment wear.
11. Ten amp DPDT (Double Pull Double Throw) load relays for each stage that are used to operate
your power contactors, magnetic motor starting relays, etc.

STEP 500 additional features:
4 modulation output pairs.
Mounted digital temperature meter.
Outdoor sensing module with 25′ of cable.
Cooling stages 4 and 5 lockout at night.
8 stage, variable time delay logic sequencer

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