Tomato Truss “J1” Hook [5,000]

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5E222-J1 – Tomato Truss “J” Hook

Used extensively in Europe and Canada. This J-shaped hook will support that cluster of tomatoes that has an extended truss arm. Re-use these items. Standard pack is 5,000 per case. Hook under truss arm and onto the twine.

Available Options:

J1 100 – 5E220
J1 5,000 – 5E222-J1
J1 15,000 – 5E222-J1M

J3 100 – 5E220J3
J3 4,000 – 5E222
J3 8,000 – 5E222M

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Additional information

Weight 9.61 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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