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Touche Tomato Seed – Beefsteak Variety about 9.5 – 10.5 ounce (270 – 300 grams).


For growers that rely on high fruit quality through harsh summer conditions, Touché is a uniform, high yield potential beefsteak tomato featuring Powdery Mildew resistance. Touché is higher yielding than Torero and is known for its high quality fruit retention early in the season and can be grown grafted or non-grafted in high tech glasshouses


  • Developed in Ontario
  • Grown grafted or non-grafted
  • Better responses under glass vs plastic
  • Improved quality under harsh summer conditions


  • Fewer issues of fruit fall under low light levels
  • Labor friendly

Seeds from this supplier comes untreated as standard


PLANT TYPE Indeterminate
SIZE Large
SHAPE Round-Ribbed
Disease Resistance (HR) ToMV:0-2 / Ff:A-E / Fol:1,2 / For / Va:1 / Vd:1
Disease Resistance (IR) On

HR = High Resistance: The ability of a plant variety to highly restrict the activities of a specific pathogen or insect pest and/or to restrict the symptoms and signs of a
disease, when compared to susceptible varieties. Varieties with high resistance may exhibit some symptoms when specified pathogen or pest pressure is severe. New
and/or atypical strains of the specific pathogen or pest may overcome the resistance.
IR = Intermediate Resistance
The ability of a plant variety to restrict the growth and development of the specified pest or pathogen, but may exhibit greater range of symptoms compared to varieties
with high resistance. Intermediate Resistant plant varieties will show less severe symptoms or damage than susceptible plant varieties when grown under similar
environmental conditions and/or pest or pathogen pressure.
Key to Disease Resistance
Ff: Leaf mold, races A-E
Fol: Fusarium wilt, races 1-2
For: Fusarium crown and root rot
Ma/Mi/Mj: Root-knot nematode
On: Powdery mildew
ToMV: Tomato mosaic virus, strain 0-2
Va/Vd: Verticillium wilt, race 1

These indeterminate F1 hybrid tomato varieties are produced in Holland. They should be pruned when grown in a greenhouse. Our technical manual (Item # 9P098) offers tips on their culture and pruning technique. F1 hybrids are grown in a greenhouse. The pollen from one parent is manually transferred to the second parent. The seed from this parent plant is the F1 hybrid you are purchasing. The germination rate of these varieties ranges from 85% to 100%

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