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For use with beneficial insects as an indicator of potential pest problems. Recommended for trapping insects that are attracted to the color yellow. Some insects attracted to this color yellow are Flying Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Whiteflies, Leafminers, and Carrot Rust Flies. The Stiky Cards are bright yellow plastic sheets, coated on two sides with a specially formulated sticky goo. Peel off the protective covering, hang them or stake them in place, and they’ll catch insects until they are covered.

Studies have shown that at a trap density of 10 per 180 tomato plants
( approx. 1 perĀ  70 ft 2 ) the population of Greenhouse Whitefly adults did not exceed 0.1 per plant. Dept of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser Univ. Burnaby B.C. Canada:

Yellow Silky Traps: Adult GHWF/SLWF are attracted to the color YELLOW. GHWF/SLWF prefer to feed on the tender, new growth of plants. Placing YELLOW STIKY CARDS (near the new growth level of your plants) every 50 – 70 ft2throughout the area, can trap a large number of egg laying adults. Each female GHWF/SLWF trapped can represent a considerable reduction in the number of eggs laid on your plants. These yellow traps also attract and trap flying aphids, fungus gnats, leafminers, thrips and many other insects.

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