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Staff &Technical Services Information

Mike Morton Co-Owner been with Hydro-Gardens since 1974. (Semi-Retired 2020)

Lori Morton Co-Owner been with Hydro-Gardens since 1974. (Retired 2020)

Greg Morton President, Chief Technical Officer, Webmaster & Project Sales Manager, Heads the Greenlawn division, Handled the Ef Insect Rearing for Hydro-Gardens, with Hydro-Gardens since 1997 (also 1984-1989).

Paula Patino & Izick Lantz Heads the IPM division. Label Design & Production Dept, with Hydro-Gardens since 2000 & 2016.

Jeannie Haut Handles the duties of Order Entry & Accounts Receivable as well as Greenlawn Production & Ordering, with Hydro-Gardens since 2015.

Janet Feltz Accounts Payable been with Hydro-Gardens since 2017

Nick Shaw Handles the some of the duties of Greenlawn Production and has been with Hydro-Gardens since 2018.

Carl Darrington Logistics for Hydro-Gardens, with Hydro-Gardens since 2019.

Nathan Rainey Handles the fertilizer production for Hydro-Gardens and handles the machines for the Greenlawn division, with Hydro-Gardens since 2020.

Dennis Feltz Handles the machines for the Greenlawn division, with Hydro-Gardens since 2022.

As a free service to our customers using our blended fertilizers, we will interpret your nutrient, tissue and media analysis results.  Your historical information is stored in our computer for easy retrieval, which allows us to help you make the minor adjustments needed to get the maximum performance from your plants. You simply send the samples to one of the labs listed, and specify that they need to fax a copy to Hydro-Gardens.  We recommend that you have a tissue analysis done at least once each month starting when the plants have developed their 3rd flower cluster.

We can provide you with a beneficial insect program that will show our recommended release rates for beneficials for nearly any pest you are likely to encounter.  Simply provide us with the crop you are growing, the size greenhouse area you have, number of greenhouse areas, your anticipated start date, and your expected ending date. We can then print off a week by week list of things to do for the entire season.

When you have a disease or insect problem that you don’t recognize, take some sample leaves, wrap them in a dry paper towel, put this in a Ziploc bag and mail the package to us.  It is probable that one of us will be able to recognize the problem and give you the appropriate solution.

This business is unique, and although many aspects of it are the same for all growers, each grower has individual needs.  We are able to tailor our technical services to your requirements. Custom fertilizer blends, greenhouse and growing system quotes, marketing advice, and specific tips to improve your profitability are some of the many areas we can provide information about through our FREE phone & e-mail services.  Hydro-Gardens has been in business longer than any of our competitors in the U.S.  The staff at HGI. are ready to help you enter the business, or improve your existing business.  It is unlikely that any one individual has all the answers about the greenhouse/hydroponics business.  We believe however, that our expertise in this arena is unmatched.   The years have provided us with the knowledge, experience, and a wealth of contacts with other experts.  All of this is at your disposal AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. Our web site and toll free numbers puts us right next door.

Check our our feature on the “World’s Greatest” show. It was truly an honor to be selected by them and have them feature us.

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