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Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis of Water,
Nutrient, Leaf, and Media Samples

We highly recommend that you get a leaf sample analysis at least once per month. You need to establish a set of records that indicate the fertilizer requirements of your plants at different stages of plant growth as they react to your water and the various seasons of the year. As a free service to our customers using our blended fertilizers, we will interpret your nutrient, tissue and media analysis results.When you receive the results from the lab, call us at (719) 495-2266, or request that a copy of the results be sent direct to us for recommendations. Our recommendations can be more valuable to you with lab results.

It is extremely important to get timely, correct and complete results. It is also very important to obtain the correct recommendations to take advantage of the results you have obtained.

If you do not have a laboratory in your area, we recommend:


Servi-Tech Laboratories
1816 E Wyatt Earp Blvd
Dodge City, KS. 67801-7007
(620) 227-7123 – Phone
(620) 227-2047  –   Fax

Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc
2101 Calhoun Rd
Owensboro, KY 42301-8223
(270) 685-4039 -Phone
(270) 685-3989 – Fax
[email protected]
Waters Ag Analysis Sheet
print out the Analysis Sheet to fax in



Randomly select twelve plants
from each greenhouse to be tested. Select those plant throughout the house that are representative of the majority of the plants. Do not take a sample from a plant that is obviously not representative. Break the fifth or sixth limb from the top of the plant counting the top of the plant as one. Place all he leaves in paper “mailer” or paper sack and box them for shipping with proper information. (DO NOT — USE PLASTIC BAGS, THE LEAVES WILL MOLD).

should be in plastic bottles (8 oz. minimum). Label each sample with your name and address, whether water or nutrient, age of the plants, variety, type of nutrient used, symptoms if any, feeding schedule, weather conditions, type of growing media used, and any other pertinent information. Please contact them prior to shipment of samples for proper analysis forms and prices.

NOTE: Samples sent to Hydro-Gardens, inc. for analysis will be forwarded to the Waters Ag lab,
and an additional handling fee will be assessed.